vestryThe Vestry is the managerial body of the church, responsible for the parish finances and buildings and obtaining and administering the work of the parish clergy, employees, and volunteers.

Vestry members are elected at the Annual Meeting by the congregation for a term of three years. These members are, therefore, representatives of the church who are leaders that are willing to learn and persuade others to participate in the work of the church. They are the decision-makers and the liaison between the clergy, staff and parishioners.

Our Vestry is organized with a Senior Warden appointed by the rector or by the bishop if there is no rector. That person’s responsibilities are to ensure that a priest is available for all services and to lead the vestry and congregation in the management of the church.

A Junior Warden is appointed by the Vestry at the Annual Meeting. The duties of this member are to maintain and improve the buildings and grounds and to assist the Senior Warden in leadership roles.
Another appointed officer is the Clerk of the Vestry, who takes notes at vestry meetings.

Vestry members are involved in the various committees organized to run the church. St. Clement and St. Peter’s typically establishes committees such as: Finance, Audit, Building and Grounds, Stewardship, Fundraising, Evangelism, and Youth and Christian Education.

The Vestry meetings are held once a month. They are open to the general congregation.

2019 Vestry Members

Tom Jamieson, Senior Warden

Kim Sepko, Junior Warden

Lindsey Ripa, Vestry Clerk

David Franks

Jean Clocker


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