Prayer Beads


Sacrifice beads

One way to help focus your Lenten practices is with prayer beads. People of many faiths have used beads to count prayers, kind acts, and sacrifices for centuries. One form has one stationary bead, ten moveable beads, and a cross. The stationary bead is sometimes referred to as the “Our Father” bead and is a reminder to start your day with prayer to God. The ten moveable beads will stay in place until you move them. Ways to use the prayer beads are limited only by your imagination. Examples include:

• Commit to praying ten short prayers a day, or to praying for one person or intention each day ten times.
• Commit to doing ten kind acts a day
• If you are giving up something for Lent, use the beads to remind you to pray for strength each time you are tempted
• If you are taking on an activity–reading a passage from the Bible, practicing patience, etc., use the beads to keep track each time you do the activity.
Because the moveable beads will stay put until you move them, they can keep track of these activities for you and show you the progress you are making towards being transformed into a better and more Christlike person by Easter.
Prayer beads like the ones above will be available for free to all in the narthex from now through Easter.

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