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 Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is in charge of Altar guild 1ensuring that the church is cleaned and set up before each service. They also clean up after the service. They are always looking for volunteers, so if you are interested, please use the email address provided on the contact page in order to get in touch with us.

Altar Guild:Altar guild 3
Jean Clocker
Maureen Honeychurch
Barbara Sepko
Jessica Stanish
Karen Zapotok


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committeesStewardship is a complete lifestyle, a life of total accountability and responsibility acknowledging God as Creator and Owner of all. Stewards as disciples of Jesus Christ see themselves as caretakers of all God’s gifts. Gratitude for these gifts is expressed in prayer, worship, offering, and action by eagerly sharing these gifts out of love of God and one another. The Vestry members are all memebrs of the Stewardship Committee.

Are You Growing Spiritual as a Result of Your Giving?
By Dan Charney, Diocesan Missioner for Stewardship

Why is the church always asking for money? Permit me to answer that question with another. Are you giving based on what you think the church needs to meet its budget – “paying your dues” as one might say? Or – are you experiencing something “inside” as a result of your giving? Are you growing spiritually as a result of your giving? While growth in giving is important to maintaining growth in mission, it is only one reason a congregation needs an annual Stewardship appeal. Of equal, or perhaps even greater importance, is the need to encourage the spiritual growth of all parish family members. Jesus consistently met the physical needs of those around him. He cared for the poor, the physically impaired, and the social outcasts, and as His disciples, we are to continue the mission He started. We are asked to use our abilities and resources, and give our time to carry out His ministry. But Jesus primarily cared about each person’s relationship with God. His major concern was the spiritual welfare of people. The next comment is probably something like, “We give what we think is a generous amount to the church, we serve on its committees, and we give to various charities. Why does the church still ask that we give an additional 1%, or even tithe?” Certainly giving to charities outside the church is a worthy response, but it is basically a financial one. Stewardship is primarily a spiritual matter. Fund-raising is concerned with raising money for the budget. Stewardship relates to how we live out our commitment to Jesus Christ. To use a familiar image, let’s for the purpose of considering our church giving, think of our increase to God’s work as an opportunity to apply some fertilizer to our spiritual garden to encourage strong, vital spiritual growth! When we give proportionately of our income, and increase our giving 1%, we can move into an expanded relationship with our Creator and Redeemer. We must not be afraid, but look forward to the journey. God loves a joyful giver who is willing to make a sacrifice and trust in the Lord. And we should be alert to what happens in our lives as a result of this giving, and willing to share the blessings we have experienced with others.. If you will, another common image: Many are concerned about their physical health, and will do certain things to maintain or improve it: watching what they eat, exercising daily, getting proper sleep, etc. Our spiritual health is equally important (maybe even more so!) St. Paul told Timothy that physical training is of some value, but, “Godliness is valuable in every way, holding promise … for Life to come.” So we need to do the things that are going to help us grow spiritually too: daily prayer, study, showing concern for those in need, and giving of our resources, abilities, and time to do God’s will. Who knows bow these spiritual exercises – like taking a three-mile walk daily to lose weight and improve our cardiovascular system – will benefit our overall health and life? I pray that all of you will pray seriously about your increase of at least 1%, and that this spiritual exercise will help you to catch the excitement of being generous people!

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