Daily Prayer Resources

Technology can keep us busy and distract us from spending time with God.
Or…it can be a tool we use to help us pause in our day and take time to let God in. Here are some resources to help you incorporate prayer into your daily life.

Mission St. Clare–includes several versions of the prayers of the Daily Office, with an audio version you can pray along with during your morning drive or another quiet time. Also has a readable version with each day’s Psalm and scripture readings included, as well as links to hymns and videos to enhance your prayer experience. This site works well on mobile devices.

The Online Book of Common Prayer–an electronic version of the prayer book used each week in church. Includes the daily office prayers, the Psalms, collects or short prayers for many needs and occasions, and our catechism.

A Daily Word-an article with links to resources from Forward Movement and Friends of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, an Episcopal monastic community

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