episcopalRELIEFnepa Soup Event 4-11-15

Starting the fire 2 4-11-15Starting the fire 4-11-15Set up 2 4-11-15Making posters 1 4-11-15Making posters 2 4-11-15Free soup sign 4-11-15Free soup sign 2 4-11-15The soup arrives 4-11-15The soup arrives 2 4-11-15Noodle bearers 4-11-15Stirring in the noodles 4-11-15First servings 4-11-15First customers 4-11-15Soup and conversation 4-11-15 Soup 4-11-15 The press arrives 4-11-15  Curb service 4-11-15 Neighbor boys stop for soup 4-11-15visting with Ann 4-11-15 Visitor 4-11-15man and dog stop for soup 4-11-15   Soup on the yard 4-11-15 visiting 4-11-15          Set up 1 4-11-15

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