Sunday School

sunday_schoolJessica Stanish is our Sunday School Superintendent. We use an online curriculum entitled “Kids Sunday School.” At the present time our students are all together due to the fact that they are all around the same age. Sometimes the age range is more pronounced with ages 4 up to age 12. At that time the classes are split into 2 groups. We have three teachers including our Superintendent Jessica Stanish who rotate the teaching duties.

We deal primarily with the New Testament and teach the children about the life of Jesus. They are taught prayers and responses and enjoy a short lesson usually with a fun craft to take home. Along with the bible based lessons the children are taught the Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm, and the correct way in which to bless themselves.

Class runs concurrently with the church service and the lesson is completed before it is time for communion. At that time the children go in to receive communion and sometimes return to class to complete their take home craft.

Some of our students who have left after grade 6 have returned to serve as teachers’ helpers.

 Our Teachers

Jessica Stanish
Elizabeth Hossage
Robin Crist

Classes begin in September and run until the end of May. Our enrollment is usually 5 to 12 students and has been operating for the last 30 years.

Church School 1        Church School 2

Church School 6

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