The Journey

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Let “The Journey” with The Word of God continue to penetrate our lives!

Your issues of “THE JOURNEY,” a simple, brief, daily “at-home” bible study and prayerbook that helps us to remain grounded in and attentive to God’s Word, will be mailed to your home! Orders are required by December 15th. .

I hope and pray that you will want to use this very good daily prayerbook that guides us to present ourselves to God every day so that we receive the grace and blessings of God’s Word to us.

It is possible to be immersed in so many things and find ourselves so busy with our agendas that a moment of prayer and making an effort to seek God’s Word may be something we delay and struggle with.

I trust that our commitment to a daily effort to pray and receive the guidance of God’s Word will be a tremendous blessing to each of us, our families and God’s Church.

Please know that I am here for you, I am on “the journey” with you and your family and friends to help and support you in any way I can.

With my continued prayers for your health, peace and every blessing, I am,

The Rev. John Major

If you have not already done so – please remember to order your subscriptions to The Journey by December 15th The Journey order form is available here. Participate in sharing the message of Sacred Scripture with family members and friends by ordering one or more subscriptions as a stocking stuffer. The first issue for the New Year will be available in time for Christmas!


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